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Maltese Night Buffet Menu


Welcome Drink – Sparkling Wine 

 Starter served from buffet table

Bean pate with crushed garlic and drizzled with olive oil
Pickled onions / butter beans in parsley & garlic
Sundried tomatoes / Goat cheese
Ftira with tuna, tomato paste & giardiniera
Stuffed olives / Maltese Sausage
Traditional Maltese pizza (ftira), with roasted potatoes, onions, pork & goat cheese
Marinated octopus in garlic
Accompanied by salads & vegetables
Accompanied by water biscuits and Maltese bread

Starters Hot Section

Fried rabbit liver
Snails with aioli / Fish patties
Pasta with rabbit sauce
Cheese ravioli with tomato sauce, sundried tomatoes & basil (V)  

Main Course served from buffet table

Succulent leg of pork
Steamed beef slices
Rabbit flamed in garlic
Marinated roasted chicken with rosemary & cayenne pepper
Curry rice with vegetables, figs, apples, prunes & sultanas (V)
Poached fish in caper sauce
Accompanied by traditional roasted potatoes & a selection of seasonal vegetables


Platter of Nougat, Dates, Honey rings & Bread Pudding