Information om bokning av pass i sverige

“Unfortunately, there is an extreme demand for passport appointments in certain parts of Sweden and there might not be any availability before August.

Here are some guidelines which we encourage you to share with the Swedish communities:

–        Please book passport appointments well in advance! Swedes who plan to renew there passports during the summer are strongly recommended to book their appointment as soon as possible.

–        While navigating the Swedish Police web site, remember to tic ”Nej, jag bor utomlands” since Swedes who are living abroad sometimes gets a slight priority.

–        The Swedish Police releases new appointments on a continuous basis. Please check for newly released appointments early in the morning.  

–        There might be more available appointments in other parts of the country. Based on this, it could be an alternative to make an appointment in an area nearby the applicants residential area.

The Swedish Police handles the passport application process independently from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. UD KSU has no possibilities whatsoever, to assist in making the bookings or helping Swedish citizens living abroad cut in line”

Thanks/Best Regards

Samantha Pearson

Consulate General of Sweden